Ryan Hurd's Sweet Video For "Love In A Bar" Featuring Fiancé Maren Morris "Felt Like A Day Off"

Ryan Hurd’s Sweet Video For “Love In A Bar” Featuring Fiancé Maren Morris “Felt Like A Day Off”

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Ryan Hurd‘s new video for “Love In A Bar” is an intimate look at his life with fiancé Maren Morris. Like the song, the video is true. It shows a quieter side of the couple; the lazy Saturday mornings that everyone has, even with the busy schedules and the demands that come with their success and celebrity. According to Hurd, it was just another day at his lake house in Michigan, except for the photographer that followed him and Maren around.

Hurd shared a few of the details on the video with us during the ASCAP Awards just a few minutes after the video was released.

“It just felt like a day off,” he said. “We had our photographer film it and I did most of the production stuff…It was really special to have Maren be a part of it too, because that song is our story.”

It really was just another day at the lake, which, in a way, makes the video more significant. This really is a clear look at them as a couple.

“I feel really blessed to have this song out there with my name and my voice on it, not just me as a writer, and the video is really an extension of that.”

We may never know what bar they found love in, but the love they have is worth watching.

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