Exclusive Premiere: Saints Eleven Bring “My Heart” to Life at Texas Dance Hall


Saints Eleven are well known in the Texas circuit for their heartfelt lyrics and striking musicianship. In 2017, the Dallas-based act released their third album, Coming Back Around, which was produced by Walt Wilkins. One Country has the premiere of the video for “My Heart,” one of the tracks off the project.

“My Heart” highlights frontman Jeff Grossman’s life as he discusses the importance of being a father, husband and son to those dearest to him. “Take my hand, follow my shadow / I’ll be here as long as you need me . . . A thousand miles can’t bring us apart / And there ain’t no chains gonna hold me down / And no matter what, you have my heart,” he croons on the song’s chorus.

“’My Heart’ is about my three most important times in my life as man — being a father, being a husband and being a son,” Jeff tells One Country. “No matter what has happened or is happening around me, my son, my wife and my parents are my biggest inspirations. The first part of the song talks about being there for your young child, as a father, to guide them as they grow up and to let them know they can always count on you. The second part of the tune is about being a devoted husband and being in love with the woman of your dreams for the rest of your life. The third and final part is about being the man that your parents raised you to be and taking care of them at the end, as they did for you in the beginning.”

The video for the song was shot in the historic Coupland Dance Hall in Coupland, Texas. Directed by Natalie Riggs, Jeff says the band wanted to make a simple music video in a cool setting. The three-minute clip showcases exactly this as Saints Eleven perform the track alongside a brick wall beside the dance floor.

Annie Reuter
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