Sam Hunt Says He Flew to Hawaii 7 Times to Win Back His Now Wife Hannah Lee Fowler

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Sam Hunt released the very detailed and very specific tune, “Drinkin’ Too Much” at midnight on New Year’s Day, just a few weeks after posting close to a dozen photos of vacation photos from a trip Israel with his now wife Hannah Lee Fowler. There was a lot of speculation that the trip was some sort of honeymoon, but it turns out it’s where the couple got engaged.

Though the song revealed a lot about the pair’s relationship, fans still had a hard time piecing together the details.

Turns out, the lyrics to “Drinkin’ Too Much” were more than true. (Sam ends the song by singing, “Hannah Lee, I’m on my way to you.) The country music superstar recently revealed that he flew to Hawaii seven times to win Hannah Lee back over.

“I think last summer I went out [to Hawaii] about seven times in about three months. Trying to talk to her about coming back. And the seventh trip I convinced her,” Sam shared with “Entertainment Tonight.

The pair got married in April.