Sam Hunt is a Romantic in That He Thinks Monogamy is Sexy

Sam Hunt is a Romantic in That He Thinks Monogamy is Sexy

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If you haven’t noticed lately, Sam Hunt is on a roll. His current single, “Body Like a Back Road” is breaking every chart record ever recorded and he’s a newlywed to his longtime love, Hannah Lee Fowler.

And, if you’re really paying attention to Sam, you’ll notice he’s a little bit lighter these days, more carefree, happier even. That’s probably from Hannah. He’s super engaging and fun in interviews these days and we’re learning a lot about him and his new wife.

Mostly, Sam says he’s not romantic, but he is, “My wife would say, ‘Not particularly.’ From a candlelight-and-dinner place, not particularly. But in terms of interacting and engaging, how I listen and try to communicate… I love making her feel wanted and sexy and safe, all those things. I’m romantic like that.”

He also told Hits Daily Double that monogamy is erotic (their words, not his and not ours), “There are steps to a committed relationship that you can never reach without it. That’s a lot of it. The general nature of how the male perspective relates to the female perspective, that reflects me, and how I interact with her. The longer I’m in this, the deeper it can go.”

And there you go.

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