Sam Hunt Says He’s About to Start “Trickling Out” Some New Music Here Soon

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Country music artist (and trendsetter) Sam Hunt has just recently announced that he is planning to release a hand-full of new songs within the next few months — so, that means it’s time to buy the beer, plan a house party and get ready to celebrate.

“I’d definitely like to have some new songs out by the end of the year—maybe a couple,” Sam told CMT Radio. “I’m working on some things now. I don’t really want to wait until I have a full record done to put out any one specific song. I’d like to start trickling some stuff out here pretty soon.”

Even though his new album isn’t quite complete yet, when comes to releasing music, Sam has embraced the “sooner is better than later” philosophy. He wants fans to be as much a part of the album-creating process as he is.