6 Things We Added to Sam Hunt’s Wedding Registry

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Sam Hunt is fully-grown and likely has a KitchenAid mixer and plenty of cups and plates at his house, so we added a few things to his wedding registry. Especially if he’s really walking down the aisle in the next 48 hours. Hannah Lee might need a few of these things.

6 Things We Added to Sam Hunt’s Wedding Registry:

1. GPS Unit
Google Maps isn’t always right and he’s gonna need to navigate those backroads. Precious cargo on board!

2. Trash Bags
Gotta clean up after that house party.

3. Fire Extinguisher
Gotta put that fire out now, Sam! The breakup is off.

4. Handcuffs
Not like that– to commemorate how they fell in love– in a cop car.

5. A Clapper
So, they can leave the night on as much as possible.

6. New Matching Watches
He’s definitely here to take her time now.