Seth Ennis Releases Heartfelt Single "Call Your Mama" with Little Big Town and We're Calling Our Mamas Immediately

Seth Ennis Releases Heartfelt Single “Call Your Mama” with Little Big Town and We’re Calling Our Mamas Immediately

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Seth Ennis Little Big Town collaboration
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Keep the tissues nearby for newcomer Seth Ennis’ poignant single, “Call Your Mama.” The reflective tune has the singer advising listeners to pick up the phone and call mom frequently, and especially during all of life’s major moments.

“Call your mama / Sit and listen to her small town drama / And get you all caught up on all your sisters and your brothers / Boy, listen to you mother / ‘Cause you ain’t ever gonna get another / Someone you get to call your mama,” he sings on the chorus.

Little Big Town serve as backing vocalists on the track and their soaring four-part harmony strikes a chord on the heartfelt ballad. The quartet were early champions of the song when they first heard Seth sing it on the road.

“A couple weeks after I wrote it, I was in the U.K. opening for Little Big Town,” Seth explains. “My mom ended up coming overseas and surprising me at a show. So I decided to play the song, for the first time, and surprise her. Karen and Kimberly were listening backstage and the second I walked off stage they said that I had to play that song in my set for the rest of the tour. The response on the road was so amazing and special that I knew I had to cut the song and put it out.”

Seth penned the song with Michael Hardy in 30 minutes. “Call Your Mama” was written on Nashville’s Music Row and was inspired by a series of texts Seth received from his mother while he was in the co-write. The singer has received an overwhelming response to the song from country fans who have seen him perform it on tour and he’s learned firsthand that it has helped open communication with his fans’ own moms

“I 100% believe music can bring healing and move people in a way that nothing else can,” he says. “I already see a movement happening with this song and that is so much bigger than me, and I’m just humbled to be a small part of it.”

“Call Your Mama” follows Seth’s previous debut single, “Woke Up in Nashville.”

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