Shania Twain Says the New Album is “This is Shania Now” and Very Personal

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Shania Twain has already brought in some of the greatest country music songs ever into the world with hits like “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” “Still The One” and “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under,” on top of dozens of other hits.

And now, finally, 15 years after she released her last album, Up!, which went 11x Platinum, Shania is ready release a new album.

Shania is the best-selling female country music artist of all-time and she wrote the majority of her hits, something she’s done on the upcoming album, too.

Telling “Access Hollywood” before an appearance on “The Voice,” “The album is really about Shania now, this is me explaining what it took for me to become who I am now… some of it’s really quite dark… the songwriting really is… it’s all about me digging into my emotional diary and relaying all of that through the music. It’s very personal.”

Cannot wait.