Shania Twain's "Poor Me" Details Ex's Infedility and Her Feelings Now

Shania Twain’s “Poor Me” Details Ex’s Infedility and Her Feelings Now

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While Shania Twain’s first single, “Life’s About to Get Good” off her first album in 15 years, Now, is an upbeat, encouraging look at her past, present and future, her latest track is not. “Poor Me” is a dark, detailed look at her ex-husband’s infidelity with her close friend.

On this song and the rest of the album, Twain shared, “I’m a songwriter first. That absolutely drives everything. It was a big step toward independence. I pushed myself, knowing it was going to scare me and knowing that I, alone, was responsible for however it turned out. I love collaborating, but I didn’t want any emotional, psychological, or musical influence. The minute you invite somebody into that space, you’re influenced. And then it wouldn’t be me. It wouldn’t be pure. This may be the purest work I ever do.”

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