Shania Twain Takes a Spill While Skiing in Switzerland And Manages To Make It Look Fun

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While many of us only dream of spending the holidays in Switzerland, Shania Twain is doing just that. After taking 2017 to release her first album in 15 years, Now, the Canadian singer is taking a break from the stress of the business and having a little fun.

Shania has lived in Switzerland for years, choosing the beautiful Swiss Mountains over the smaller ones of Nashville, Tenn. So it’s no surprise that Grammy award winning singer chose to spend the holidays in the gorgeous mountains of Verbier, Switzerland. Verbier is a village located in south-western Switzerland, known as a prestigious holiday resort and ski area in the Swiss Alps.

Shania is not the first person to have taken a spill or two down the side of a mountain, but she did it with a the grace that only she could. And she actually made it look like a lot of fun.

The sexy singer posted her run on Instagram saying, “Last one down the mountain has to cook Christmas Eve dinner.” The view is absolutely gorgeous as Shania casually ski’s through the vision of white.

But then it happens. Shania followed the serene video with one of her fall.

“Guess who’s cooking Christmas Eve dinner…,” she wrote in the caption. We’re sorry Shania was the last one down the mountain and has to do the cooking, but we bet she cooks a mean Christmas dinner.

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Guess who’s cooking Christmas Eve dinner…

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