Sheryl Crow is Putting Country Music Stars on Blast For Not Taking a Stand on Gun Control

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Sheryl Crow’s newest tune, “The Dreaming Kind” is a tribute to the 20 children and six adults who died during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooing in Connecticut 5 years. All proceeds from the song will benefit Sandy Hook Promise and Crow is also using the song as a platform to talk about gun control.

During a very straightforward interview, Crow told The Guardian, “You would think after Vegas we would see some leadership from our country community. But all I can say about that is if there’s money involved, and fear, these conversations come to a screeching halt.”

She didn’t mention names, but she didn’t have to, “There’s no one that I know of in the popular country world that is willing to step out and really to take a stand on this, and that’s really unfortunate. I hope there will be people who find a way out of their fear, who stick up for humanity as opposed to sticking with their fanbase or the money that can come along with having those large crowds.”

While a few artists spoke up here and there after the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, Crow knows why people aren’t talking more, “I think it’s fear-based, this fear of losing your audience, this fear of pissing off your audience. My stance on it is very unpopular. I’m a person just like everyone else is, and I’m not above being really hurt. I want to see us do better, I want to see us as the country we were meant to be.”

Mostly, Crow just wants people to show up, rather than doing everything for the almighty dollar, “As artists, I feel like we really have to show up in this, in all the areas that are hard for us. We need to write songs that talk about these issues. We need to write songs about what’s happening in our communities – the injustices, the people who feel left out. Outside of Bruce Springsteen, who writes for these people? Too many artists are putting out “the same song over and over, because it’s paying for the big houses. Our fans need to know that we care about them.”

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