Steven Tyler Confirms Aerosmith Farewell Tour

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Is Steven Tyler ready to say goodbye to Aerosmith? He may be working on his country solo project, but he is adamant that the band isn’t over.

“I love this band. I really do,” he told Howard Stern. “I want to squash every thought that anybody might have about the band’s over.”

But in the same breath, Steven confirmed that the group will be saying goodbye. “We’re doing a farewell tour – but only because it’s time,” Steven said. “We’ve never done that.”

“You’re doing a farewell tour?” Stern asked.

“I think so, next year,” Steven added.

However, when asked how long the tour will go, Steven answered, “probably forever.”

Back in April, Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry addressed a different comment Steven made about the farewell tour.

“A farewell tour is something we’ve talked about doing for years, let’s say roughly in the last five years,” Joe told Rolling Stone. “It’s just something the band’s talked about at various times. At this point, the five of us have never sat down and said, ‘It’s time to do it.’ So ‘considering’ is an appropriate word for that statement. A farewell tour is definitely not confirmed.”

But when Stern asked Tyler if Joe knew about the farewell tour, the rocker answered in the affirmative.

So, maybe this isn’t news but just a public game of he said, he said.