Sturgill Simpson Pens New Tune About Waffle House Etiquette

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Waffle House is a delicacy in the South.

Less than a year ago, Jake Owen released a single referencing Waffle House and based the branding for the single on Waffle House’s logo. Waffle House loved it.

Turns out, Stephen Colbert also loves Waffle House. So much so, he enlisted Sturgill Simpson to help him write a new tune about rules when dining at Waffle House, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Knuckleheads.”

As Simpson noted before starting the song, “how do you give back to Waffle House?”

He answered his own question with the lyrics, “These are world-famous waffles, son / Let’s show some respect.”

Simpson also sang his new single, “Brace For Impact (Live a Little).” It’s a great tune, but man, that Waffle House song was good.