Sugarland’s First Interview Back as a Duo– They Want To Pick Up Where They Left Off, Including Winning Awards


There have been some big-time surprises in country music this year, but maybe one of the actual biggest surprises is the reunion of superstar duo, Sugarland.

Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles split in 2012 after Jennifer gave birth to her song Magnus. While the duo kept saying they were just taking a break, Kristian signed with Streamsound Records as a solo artist and released his solo album Southern Gravity. Jennifer went on to release two solo projects That Girl and Playing with Fire, as well as performing on Broadway and in two made-for-TV movies.

During the 51st Annual CMA Awards the two presented the award for Vocal Duo of the Year together and then performed a brief set during an after party.

Recently, they took to the Bobby Bones Show for their first official interview as a duo again.

“New music is happening. Very soon,” Jennifer Nettles said.

She also said, “we never closed the door, we never said we’re breaking up forever… the stars were aligning in terms of timing, in terms of what we want to do, in terms of what we want to revisit.”

They also confirmed they had been writing songs together and that it’s been very natural.

In terms of where they see themselves, Nettles said, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we just jumped right back in where we left off, but better? What if everyone was so excited about this, that it was as if we never stopped?”

Lauren Cowling
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