Great News, ’90s Kids– Tamagotchis Are Coming Back To Stores On November 5

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As a ‘90s kid, my Tamagotchi was one of my most prized possessions (next to my Furby, of course). Sure, I’ll admit that I maybe mistakenly let a few of my Tamagotchi die over the years, and I may or may not have tried to actually destroy my Furby once or twice.

But now’s the time for all of us to redeem ourselves and hop in the time machine to 1997 as we celebrate the return of the original Tamagotchi. The beloved keychains—I mean, pets—were revived in Japan earlier this year, but they’re set to hit the United States on November 5 in honor of the toy’s 20th anniversary.

The revived Tamagotchis will cost $14.99 a piece and will come in six different colors, including yellow, hot pink, white, and a few shades of blue. They’ll be smaller than the original (WHAT) and will have fewer features, but you are still obligated to feed and clean them, and keep them alive. THE PRESSURE! I missed it.