Remember That Time Tammy Wynette and Lyle Lovett Performed “Stand By Your Man” on Leno?

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The year was 1993. It was the year that Hillary Clinton went TV and told the world she wasn’t standing by her man, like Tammy Wynette, and Lyle Lovett eloped with Julia Roberts.

It was also the first time that Tammy Wynette performed her controversial hit, “Stand By Your Man,” with the man who recorded it 20 years after it was originally released.

The pair sang the song on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and then chatted with the show’s host. During the interview, Lyle admitted he was nervous the first time that he met Tammy, because he hadn’t asked her if he could record her signature tune. And he explained why he thought it was special for a man to sing the song, saying it was like he was admitting, “I’m a jerk, but love me anyway.”