7 Things I’d Buy From Tanya Tucker’s Personal Auction

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In 1972, Tanya Tucker, as a young 13-year-old, stormed onto the country music scene with the release of “Delta Dawn” and she hasn’t slowed down since.

Throughout her years in the music business, Tucker has amassed a pretty unique collection of treasures and now, she’s ready to part with a few of them.

In a release, Tucker said, “I have spent my life collecting these treasures. I look forward to others having the opportunity to enjoy them as much as I have.,” and adding, ”
A few years ago, I went through a difficult surgery on my vocal cords. Fortunately, I was in a position to get the specialized care necessary to continue my career, but not everyone is in this position. This is one reason why I’m extremely excited to be working with EBTH to support Sweet Relief Musicians Fund with a percentage of the sale proceeds.

7 Things I’d Buy From Tanya Tucker’s Personal Auction:

1. Tanya’s Limited Edition Racing Team Leather Jacket Designed by Jeff Hamilton with Signature
Talk about an American treasure! This jacket pays homage to the flag and Tucker.

2. ’70s Vintage “Delta Dawn” Embellished and Bejeweled Denim Ensemble
The fact that this one jacket is called an “ensemble” is everything.

3. Black Felt Cowboy Hat Embellished with Rhinestones
Though “Delta Dawn” is a family favorite, I wasn’t introduced to Tucker until the ’90s and this hat is one of the things I remember about her the most.

4. Custom-Made Ostrich Skin Cowgirl Boots with Tanya Tucker Logo and matching Fanny Pack
I’m sorry– a custom fanny pack? If I had an unlimited amount of money to my name, I’d customize fanny packs for the entire world.

5. Life Size Foam Core Cut-Out of Tanya Tucker
I just love that Tucker has had this in her house (storage) for years and decided it was finally time to let it go.

6. 1975 Vintage Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors of North Hollywood Red, White & Blue Stage Ensemble
This is literally the most amazing piece of clothing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen most of the Internet twice.

7. Original Pop Art Painting on Canvas of Tanya Tucker
Tucker is also selling original paintings of Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard.

All of these items can be found at Everything But the House.