11 Best Breakup Songs from Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has seen me through a lot of personal highs and lows.

I don’t know Taylor personally, though, so she didn’t show up at my house with a bottle of wine and pint of ice cream like most friends do in that situation.

Instead, she’s created the music that I love to blare when I’m needing an emotional release.

Taylor writes in a way that is relatable. I’ve felt what she’s felt. And I’m sure you have too.

She has a way of perfectly summarizing all the feelings that come with the a breakup — whether it be romantic or friendly relationships.

11 Best Breakup Songs from Taylor Swift:

1. “Picture to Burn

Anger is a valid emotion after a breakup. This is the ultimate ‘I’m mad and you’re gonna know it’ song. Great for screaming at the top of your lungs.

2. “Dear John”

Realization. I’m a pretty blunt person and don’t really get subtly. For instance, I’ll understand why someone said or did something to me months after it happened. That’s what this song embodies. It’s about looking back at a relationship and finally standing up for yourself because you know you weren’t treated well.

3. “White Horse”

Sometimes you have to admit that you should’ve known better.

3. “The Story of Us”

Running into an ex is hard. Do you acknowledge them? Do you acknowledge what you had? Or do you just run and hide?

5. “Better Than Revenge”

Some breakups come to pass because of a third party. In those cases, it’s OK to be upset with the third party. It’s OK to wish horrible things on them. It’s OK to write revenge songs.

6. “Back to December”

Regret is a perfectly normal emotion. We’re not always the hero of our own story. The first step to growing is admitting that.

7. “All Too Well”

Some days you just want to reminisce. You go over every moment. Every kiss. Every … thing.

8. “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Yep. Windows rolled down. Screaming this one out the window. That’s how you get over a breakup.

9. “I Knew You Were Trouble”

You should’ve known how it would end, but you did it anyway. And that’s OK.

10. “Bad Blood”

This song wasn’t meant to be applied to romantic relationships, but it works so well.

11. “Mean”

Here’s another song that wasn’t written as the result of a breakup, but it lends itself so well. Whether it was a romantic relationship or a friendship, sometimes the other person is just mean.