Kenny Chesney’s New Live Album Includes Taylor Swift Singing “Big Star” And Makes Us Miss Old Taylor


Kenny Chesney’s upcoming live album “Live In No Shoes Nation” is more than a simple concert recording. It is a compilation of 29 unique songs sourced from over a decade of live shows. It’s not just a peek inside one stadium event, it’s a retrospective of Chesney’s biggest live moments. One of the biggest came when Taylor Swift surprised a sold out Nashville stadium for a performance of “Big Star.”

The song stars normally, with all of Chesny’s trademark flare, but the crowd goes insane at the 1:39 mark when Taylor comes onstage singing the second verse. It really makes us wish she still made country music.

Other notable tracks include a duet with Dave Matthews from 2007, an emotional performance of “Boston” in Patriot Stadium after the Boston Marathon Bombing, and a performance of “Flora-Bama” from a beach on the Florida/Alabama border.

“Live In No Shoes Nation” was released October 27 and is available now wherever you get your music.

Dusty Sullivan
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