The Final Piece Of Taylor Swift’s Snake Has Been Revealed

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Three days ago Taylor Swift began to reveal the image of what we now know is an angry digital snake. What this means for the singer is up for debate as she has not released any new music or hints at song titles. Some think she is reclaiming the word “snake” which was frequently thrown at her as slander. If that is the case, the viper is ready to strike.

This could reveal a defensive stance for the new album. She should not have to fight for justice when publicly assaulted, but she did. This may also be a preview of the next step after “Bad Blood.”

The reptile hides it’s head daring you to come close, until it lashes out seemingly right at the viewer. It’s blood red eyes look straight at you as it bares its long razor-like fangs. This is not a snake you want to mess with.