The Band Perry Explores New Sound, Shows Lyrical Depth

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The Band Perry‘s new single, “Live Forever” is definitely a new sound for the siblings. The first single from their upcoming album moves the trio into a new direction sonically and leans heavily on the color yellow to get them there.

The group’s new video is also a little different for them and features some choreography.

The Band Perry may moving in a different direction sonically and visually, but the lyrics stay true to past hits and explore much more than just a new sound.

I was dreaming of war; you saw that I wouldn’t die

Was dreaming of shores that my ship would find

I was dreaming because it made me feel so alive

Was dreaming it all from my bed last night

You will be my only one

Hold my hand so we can run

You and I, we’re staying young, yeah

We’re gonna live, we’re gonna live forever


Kimberly Perry is calling this tune an “anchor” for the rest of the album, which has no official release date.

Image Source: BMLG