The Chris Stapleton Song Adele Fell in Love With and Recorded

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The two hottest names in any genre of music right now are Chris Stapleton and Adele. And guess what? Stapleton had a cut on Adele’s 2011 21 album.

In 2008, while touring the U.S., a bus driver asked her if she liked bluegrass music. The driver played her the SteelDrivers’ self-titled debut album which featured, “If It Hadn’t Been for Love,” which Stapleton co-wrote with Mike Henderson.

In an interview with NashvilleScene, Henderson wants to thank that bus driver “… he played the SteelDrivers record for her, and she fell in love with that song, and had her band learn it, and they started doing it. … But I do not know who the bus driver was. And if I could ever find out, I owe him at least a good steak dinner, a bottle of good whiskey or something.”

Hard to decide who does it better. Seriously.

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