Brantley Gilbert’s “The Ones That Like Me” Is A Celebration Of Family And Friends

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Apple Music loved the look of Brantley Gilbert’s most recent music video that they borrowed a few of the shots for an ad last year. Now that Gilbert has released the full video we can see why. It is a celebration of friends, family, life on the road, and the South all told in dramatic black and white.

The lyrics to the song are more defiantly loyal than anything.

The ones that need me got me
The ones that doubt me can’t stop me
Even the ones that said forget him
You can bet they ain’t forgot me
Either wanna hit me or hold me
Those that hate me don’t know me
And the ones that don’t trust anybody trust me
Yeah, the ones that like me love me

The video, which features a cameo from Gilbert’s very pregnant wife Amber, had already gone viral. And, despite the fact that the chorus only rhymes the word “me” with itself, I bet it will get plenty of radio play.