“The Voice” Coaches Went Super Country For Their Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

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OMG. Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys have done it again. “The Voice” coaches got together to film a Super Bowl commercial, but it’s more like a parody of a parody of a Super Bowl Commercial.

It opens with Blake singing, “Ain’t nothing like sittin’ on a country porch with some Labrador puppies and a Clydesdale horse, and a country breeze,” which brings Adam into the scene singing, “and me Adam Levine, with awesome hair, on a motorcycle with a wallet chain…”

Then, it gets big-time. Alicia joins the guys on the porch with a white piano and hundreds of kids. But, as hilarious as those quips were, Kelly really brought it home by appearing in a field wearing a dress singing, “with a giant crowd and some choir boys, coming together because we’re really all just once voice.”

From there, the coaches come together to sing, “ain’t nothing like a thousand people on a porch, only thing missing is that one witty voice, plus this baby calf, getting together on ‘The Voice‘ commercial.”

Honestly, this is some high-production stuff going on here and it’s brilliant. Plus, they somehow managed to showcase each of the coaches talents, while making fun of themselves at the same time.

I’ve only watched the commercial 10 times or so, but the song is going to be stuck in my head for weeks.

“The Voice” starts back on February 26 after the Olympics.