Is There an Unopened Keith Urban Time Capsule in Australia?

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Keith Urban fans in Australia have long been wondering if there is a time capsule associated with the singer buried at the Pioneer Village Country Music Hall in Old Petrie Town, north of Brisbane.

The first report surfaced in 2013 that a time capsule, which was scheduled to be opened in 2004, had been found at the new derelict venue where Keith spent time before moving to the States.

According to the Courier Mail, RAAF airman Michael White, who claims to have grown up with Keith in Caboolture and played with him at the hall, insists that memories — including a photograph of Keith — are in the capsule.

The plaque on capsule reads:

Pioneer Village Country Music Club
10 yr Time Capsule
Placed by Mayor Yvonne Chapman
This Day 4th July 1994
To be Re-opened 4th July 2004

But the capsule wasn’t opened.

In 2014, the mysterious item came up in the news again, as Keith’s fans urged the city to open it, hoping it would contain a photo of the singer from his time playing the venue.

Local radio personality Stephen Howson even tracked down former Mayor Chapman, but she couldn’t recall what was placed in the capsule.

The last report on the mysterious item came on July 4, 2014, with word that it still had not been opened. The Courier Mail reported that “Moreton Bay Regional Council promised the capsule would be opened by Mayor Allan Sutherland and former Mayor Mrs Chapman on July 4” of 2014. Instead, a spokesman for the council told the paper, “The planned event on Friday is currently being rescheduled.”