Thomas Rhett is Giving Everyone On the Home Team Tour Dad Lessons and He’s Doing a Pretty Good Job


We know when Thomas Rhett is home in Nashville he takes his dad-sing seriously. Recently, he got both girls in the car together for the first time, he has a really cool floral dad backpack to carry Willa Gray around in and you know, he’s losing sleep and doing all that other dad stuff like being super supportive of wife Lauren.

Turns out, he’s taking his dad-ing on the road in more ways than one. With a newborn and a 2-year-old everyone needs to know how to hold a crying baby, change a diaper or just keep a kid entertained. That’s why TR is giving dad lessons to his crew.

Right now, he’s really working on teaching burping and calming to his crew. They’ll be babysitting in no time.

Dad lessons @joshgilligan @speedyreedy81 @funkytico

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