Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris Are Bank Robbers in “Craving You” Video (Plus, Appearances from Pregnant Lauren Akins)

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Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris‘ new single, “Craving You” is an upbeat, sexy, rop-rock-country good time.

The brand new video for the tune is like “Ocean’s 11” met up with Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood’s high-production “Somethin’ Bad” video from 2014. Thomas is a bank robber with a pregnant wife at home. Seemingly, Thomas is the good kind of bank robber and his partner in crime (bank robbing), Maren, is a bad bank robber.

Maren carries around a large gun throughout the video and TR goes all Louisville Slugger (Carrie-style) on a guy at one point. There’s a sexy shower scene before the plot twist comes in.

The video was directed by CMA Award-winning director TK McKamy and Thomas said he got to do what he’s always wanted to do in a video, “I’ve always wanted to get to do a fight sequence and play a tough guy, but I think Maren definitely shows me up! TK really pushed us both since we’d never really acted before.”

He’s kind of right. Maren is big-time badass.