Thomas Rhett Welcomed Both His Daughters to the Stage in the Sweetest Family Moment Ever

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The moments just keep piling up for Thomas Rhett and it feels like there are only more to come.

As TR played the York Fair in Pennsylvania, he invited Willa Gray out to the mic to say a few things, but she got a little shy. Then, Thomas attempted to invite his wife Lauren out, but she just opted to wave from the side of the stage– until the crowd started chanting her name.

Finally, Lauren came out, to which Thomas said, “hashtag when your wife is more famous than you’ll ever be.”

Lauren was able to bring out daughter Ada James for her first concert experience too. What a moment.

After the show Lauren said, “date night with my girl=face paint, side stage watching daddy, and possibly involved me chasing her on stage when she went rogue-and, might I add, WHILE I had Ada strapped to my chest. Lord help me. And I apologize for the fans that witnessed that whole fiasco.”

The family also enjoyed getting fancy for a wedding together.

Do these four ever stop?!