Thomas Rhett’s Fashion Evolution Has Gone From Plain T-Shirts to $1,110 Sweatpants

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In 2013, after scoring hits with Jason Aldean, Lee Brice and Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett had already made a name for himself as a songwriter. By the end of 2013 he had his own No. 1 as an artist and he was well on his way to becoming a country music superstar.

TR, for the most part, was a scruffy looking Georgia boy who wore t-shirts and boots on stage, until 2015 or so when he ditched his boots to move around on stage a little more. His live show changes also signaled the shift in his overall wardrobe, starting with the 2015 ACM Awards performance.

Since 2015, TR has evolved from a t-shirt and jeans guy to an actual clotheshorse, who casually wears Gucci and Fear of God sweatpants that run upwards of $1,100.

Not hating on Rhett by any means, but this was a pretty swift transition. He went from having a couple articles about his sneaker collection to GQ asking readers if he’s more fashionable than Drake.


He probably threw that shirt away.


Tr was into the henley vibe for a while and the backwards cap.




The transition was just starting here.


And there it is– the transition from nice suit to full on fashionista.


Gucci loafers means you mean business.


Causal Gucci polo.


Casual CMA luncheon means it’s time for a Gucci belt.


These sweatpants cost $1,095.