Thomas Rhett is Learning How to Be a Better ‘Make You Stop Crying’ Kind of Dad

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It all happened pretty fast for Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins. One moment, they are trying to get pregnant, but struggling. The next they are adopting a baby from Uganda and finding out they are pregnant.

Willa Gray, the first Akins baby, came home earlier this summer and at 21-months-old, she’s walking, kind of talking and doing other toddler things like sleeping.

Which is why bringing home newborn Ada James has TR feeling a bit overwhelmed, “We are completely unprepared, that’s for sure. When you step into immediately having a 16 month old, I feel like I know how to deal with a 2 year old pretty accurately now but an infant is a whole different story because when they cry you don’t fully know why they’re crying. And I have not been a very good ‘make you stop crying’ kind of dad. But it’s been a huge adjustment but we’re having a blast and feel very blessed to have two pretty girls.”

Not to mention– TR’s third studio album, Life Changes, is set to drop on September 8 and he’s heading back out on a fall headlining tour.