Thomas Rhett’s Video for “Marry Me” is Just as Tragic as The Song


Thomas Rhett’s “Marry Me” is the story of what wouldn’t happened between him and his wife Lauren, had TR not told her how he felt. The two were best friends, elementary school classmates and Thomas Rhett always had a crush on her. TR recently told Ty, Kelly and Chuck about it. “It’s completely the opposite of a love song,” he said. “This song, although it doesn’t pertain to my life today, it definitely easily could have been that if I had never gone up to Lauren and told her how I felt about her for so long…”

The tune follows the story of boy meets girl long ago and boy pines for girl “for forever.” He never kisses her or shares his feeling for her and ends up at her wedding with a flask in his hand.

It’s easily one of TR’s best singles because it’s such a departure from everything he’s ever done.

This is the third single off Thomas Rhett’s Life Changes album.

Lauren Cowling
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