18 Questions I Have for Thomas Rhett About That “Marry Me” Video

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Right after Thomas Rhett released his third studio album, Life Changes, I said his current single, “Marry Me,” was going to turn some heads. In the last 2 years, TR is the guy who writes cute, sexy, sweet songs about his elementary school crush, his wife Lauren. But, “Marry Me” is the exact opposite of TR and Lauren’s story. Actually, Thomas has said this could’ve been his story, if he wouldn’t have told Lauren how he felt, so that’s why I have several questions about the video.

In a classic twist, TR gave the video a cliffhanger ending. So, I need to know a few things.

18 Questions I Have for Thomas Rhett About That “Marry Me” Video:

  1. The girl is wearing an “H” on her shirt, but no one else in the student shirt has letters on their shirt. What are they spelling?
  2. If they almost kissed, why didn’t they talk about it?
  3. Were they really going to kiss right there in front of all those people?
  4. She held his hand, so why wonder if she felt the same way?
  5. Are they hanging out in a gas station?
  6. Why was he invited to the surprise engagement party? There are only one or two dudes there.
  7. If that’s a small wedding, what’s a big wedding?
  8. That’s not a flask is it? Looks like a bottle of whiskey wrapped in a bandana.
  9. Where are the magnolias?
  10. He didn’t stay at the wedding?
  11. Why didn’t he stay and hide out in the back?
  12. Did she leave the wedding because he wasn’t there or because she wants to marry him?
  13. How did she find him?
  14. Did she walk there?
  15. Is this a prequel?
  16. Did Thomas Rhett breakup a wedding?
  17. Was Lauren going to marry someone else?
  18. Will there be a sequel?