Thomas Rhett Tugs on the Nostalgic Strings with New Song, “Sixteen”

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As Thomas Rhett prepares for his third album, Life Changes, to drop on September 8, he’s also prepping his home for a newborn baby, continuing to help his toddler Willa Gray adapt to life and oh, yeah– juggling a career that’s taken him from star on the rise to absolute superstar in a short matter of time.

All of the change for Rhett has him thinking about those times when you just wish you were a little older or maybe could already be at a certain point in your life. His latest release from the album, “Sixteen” is all about, “As a kid, you can’t wait to grow up and reach that next milestone, but when you’re older, you look back and wish you could just be 16, or 18 or 21 again,” Rhett told Huffington Post.

Each chorus on the song reflects the years 16, 18 and 21, with final lines being about his life just a year ago or so.

What I wouldn’t give to be sixteen, wild and free
Cruisin’ up and down main in my F-150
Roll the windows down, bass too loud From this burnt CD
I’ll be right where I wanna be when I’m sixteen
Sixteen, yeah

[Chorus 2]
What I wouldn’t give to be eighteen, wild and free

Buzzin’ off a can of the grizzly wintergreen
Lookin’ old enough to pull off this fake ID
I’ll be right where I wanna be
When I’m eighteen
Eighteen, yeah

[Chorus 3]
What I wouldn’t give to be twenty one, wild and free
Open up a cold one and drink it legally
Chase a bunch of girls, go see the world
Let my wild streak run
I’ll be right where I wanna be
When I’m twenty one, twenty one
(woah, when I’m twenty one)
(yeah, when I’m twenty one, it’ll be alright
(yeah, it’ll be alright, when I’m twenty one)

Now I’m twenty five and I’m drinking wine with my wife at home
Got a couple of dogs and a couple of songs on the radio
And we sit around and we laugh about how we used to be
When all we cared about was turning sixteen

Rhett wrote the song with Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur. It’s available now on iTunes.