Thomas Rhett’s Remix of “Die A Happy Man” Features Tori Kelly, But Actually Sounds Like the Nelly Cover

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It’s been a little over a year since Thomas Rhett’s sophomore album Tangled Up was released. Since then, three of its No. 1 singles have gone Platinum, including the two-time “Die A Happy Man.” Rhett has released a new deluxe version of the album, which features five brand new tracks including a remix of his now signature song featuring Tori Kelly.

The tune is nominated for CMA Single and Song of the Year, after already winning ACM Single of the Year. Of the remix, Rhett says he wanted to do a more up-tempo version of “Die A Happy Man” and that Tori Kelly actually reached out to him about singing on the track.

After listening to the song, Rhett is right– Kelly did sing her butt off and it is more up-tempo. But, doesn’t it also sound a lot like Nelly’s cover version of the song? Rhett’s remix was produced by Carl Falk and Nelly’s version was produced by J.R. Rotem, according to Google the two have never worked together, but they sure fooled me.