Thomas Rhett’s Willa Gray is Ready to Get Her Fitness on with Mom Lauren and It’s the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

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Thomas Rhett couldn’t be more proud of his growing family, which includes wife Lauren and daughters Willa Gray and Ada James.

The family of two expanded in May with the adoption of Willa Gray and grew even more in August when Lauren gave birth to Ada James. Since the arrival of his little girls, TR can’t help but share photos and videos of his beautiful family— who could blame him.

Most recently, TR took to Instagram to post the most adorable video of Lauren getting a workout in by sparring with a trainer, and little Willa Gray tries to join in with some oversized boxing gloves. Unfazed by the commotion, Ada James just hangs out and takes it all in while resting in the arms of a friend.

The short video is set to TR’s song, “Sixteen,” about a kid wanting to rush growing up and get to the next milestone age.

“Take a left here, boy, take it slow / Don’t get distracted by that radio” / I just rolled my eyes and I said, ‘Daddy, I know / I’m fifteen, I ain’t green like some ol’ ten year old’ / What I wouldn’t give to be sixteen, wild and free / Cruisin’ up and down Main in my F-150 / Roll the windows down, bass too loud from this burnt CD / I’ll be right where I wanna be when I’m sixteen, sixteen, yeah / Sixteen.”

The country crooner was sure to thank the videographer who captured the precious footage, probably because it’s pretty priceless to the 27-year-old. “Thank you @coreyjamesbost for capturing this of my sweet family,” TR posted on Instagram.