Lauren Akins’ Letter to Daughter Willa Gray on Her Birthday Will Definitely Bring the Tears


Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins brought daughter Willa Gray home to Nashville after a complicated year-long adoption process. Lauren was finally able to get Willa Gray home with the help of her parents while being 25 weeks pregnant with daughter Ada James and TR on tour.

Now, the mother of two is celebrating her first daughter’s 2nd birthday and first in America in the sweetest way possible– with a heartfelt, prayerful letter outlining how hard the couple prayed and fought for their daughter to come home.

In an Instagram post with 10 photos of Lauren and Willa Gray from their days together in Uganda, Lauren wrote, “My goodness Willa Gray, we have never prayed so hard for anything or anyone. Now half way across the world from where we first met you’re turning 2 and you are better than my best dreams💛 God not only answered our prayers for over a year when you came home, but He WAY exceeded them by giving us you💗 I love getting to be your mama & watching you shine✨happy birthday to my first baby, I love you to the moon and stars my precious little one😘”

The family also celebrated Willa Gray’s birthday with family, friends and unicorns.

Lauren Cowling
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