Tim McGraw Terrified the First Boy That Ever Tried to Date His Daughter By Answering the Door with a Knife in His Hand

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As individuals, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have superstar careers that stand on their own. Together, they’re even stronger, especially when you remember that they have also been married and the parents to three girls at the same time that they’re on-stage being superstars. Especially when you consider that they just dropped their first duets album, The Rest of Our Life. They’re about to be empty-nesters, which frees up time for them to do another one.

Tim has been touring non-stop for decades or as he told Jimmy Fallon, “my whole life, it feels like my whole life…I started at 19 or 20-years-old.” Faith came off the road in 2007 to spend more time at home with their daughters. During one of those touring periods for Tim, the couple’s oldest daughter, Gracie, was asked out on her first date. Faith and Gracie called Tim to ask if it was okay for Gracie to go before he came home and was able to meet the boy.

Tim shared, “We put our secret service guys on it, we checked it out, everything’s good. So, I said, ‘okay, I’ll be home tomorrow, so I want him to come by and meet me.'” And that’s where the story got weird.

Tim answered the door covered in blood, holding a knife.

At this point, you have to assume that kids in Nashville are prepared to meet famous parents of their friends, right? Can you imagine Faith rolling into the skating rink to pick up her girls?

Honestly, this could be the best way to meet Tim because he’s not all spruced up and getting ready for a night out. The knife would be weird though.

One of these days, we really need to hear Gracie’s side of the story or maybe this boy’s side? Do you think he realized Tim was carving up meat? What if he really thought Tim had done something terrible and then just answered the door? That’s not a kid you want dating your daughter anyway.

The Rest of Our Life is available now.