Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Trying to Fill-in Random Internet Searches with Jimmy Fallon is Hilarious

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill can do a lot of things, but part of me truly believes they don’t spend a lot of time on the World Wide Web just clicking and scrolling. I’m sure they can use computers, but you know– when most people were starting to use computers every single day during their 9 to 5s, Tim and Faith were cranking out hit after hit after hit and singing on stages across the globe.

During a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Tim and Faith squared-off against each other in a game of filling in the blanks to random Internet searches. Tim was with Questlove and Faith was with Jimmy. To answer the questions, contestants had to type in their answers on a computer. Tim types like your dad.


These two are madly in love and ultra-competitive with each other.



Honestly, this was a game of “Family Feud,” which is kind of what every Tim and Faith fan have dreamed of seeing.

The first question was, “Why do country singers always sing about_____?” But, things really heated up when viewers got to hear Faith say, “everybody poops.”