What Boy Name Is Faith Hill Singing in New “Rest of Our Life” Song? (Bryan? Ryan? Mark?)

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I am so here for this new Tim McGraw and Faith Hill jam, “The Rest of Our Life.” To say it’s better than “Speak To a Girl” is a fair assumption and one that should be made. It’s not as crazy sexual as “Let’s Make Love” or as classic as “It’s Your Love,” but it fills the Tim and Faith hole in our hearts and radios.

Tim and Faith released the tune on their 21st wedding anniversary, so at times it’s different to hear them sing, “Have you made plans for the rest of your life,” but, really– it’s great.

The second verse is Faith’s answer to Tim’s question about plans for the rest of her life. During the verse she sings, that yeah, she’s made plans and she’s even named the kids.

But, what in the hell is her boy name?

[Verse 2: Faith Hill]

I’ve been making plans for children
Since I’ve been looking in your eyes
I even have names picked out for them
Daughter; it’d be Rose

Son; it’d be [?]

Son, it’d be– what?

Rise? It’s definitely Rise.

Ryan? Yeah, it’s Ryan.

Oh, no, it’s Bryan.

The song was written by Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid, and Steve Mac. so maybe it’s a British name.

Is Ride a British boy name?

Oh my gosh, Faith, what is your boy? It sounds like it’s supposed to go with Rose, so Rise makes sense?

Bueller, Bueller? Anyone? Ride? Rise? Bryan?