10 Tim McGraw Songs You Forgot You Loved

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Early Tim McGraw is my favorite McGraw. “Humble and Kind” is great, but there’s something about those songs that take me back to another place and an another time. I think of old friends or past memories whenever I hear them.

There’s the tale of a lover who “Can’t Be Really Gone,” and one who only stayed around for a little while. There’s a relationship that the narrator doesn’t want to end, so he suggests they “Maybe We Should Just Sleep on It.” Not to mention, the woman who had a plan but found out that “Somebody Must Be Prayin’ for Me.” Another man will do anything, “Just to See You Smile,” while a whole slew of people is waiting for “One of These Days” when you love them.

“My Best Friend” is one of the sweetest love songs you’ve ever heard, while “The Great Divide” is one of the saddest. Plans change with “Everywhere,” and another ex lover begs for you to “Please Remember Me.”

Which is your favorite?

10 Tim McGraw Songs You Forgot You Loved: