Tim McGraw’s Sweet Nephew May Not Have Gotten Those Silky Smooth Vocal Stylings

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You know how somewhere in the world there’s always an episode of “Law & Order” on? Like, always.

The same goes for Tim McGraw and country radio. During every second of the day, somewhere in the world a country music radio station is playing a Tim tune. It’s just science. It also explains why people always have one of Tim’s songs stuck in their head.

I had a barbecue stain on my white t-shirt…

Because of science, Tim’s nephew has been singing “Speak To a Girl” while browsing the web. His mom caught him and Tim shared it with the world.

This will likely be a topic of conversation for years to come because, if he ever disrespects his mama, his mama has evidence that he believes he should respect her and because, maybe nephew didn’t get Uncle Tim’s vocal chops.