Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Have No Idea How to Order at Starbucks

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What stresses out Faith Hill and Tim McGraw?

Ordering a drink from Starbucks! And who can blame them? It’s tough. There’s like a million a tall mocha grande soy non-fat macchiatos to choose from. And then they add new stuff to the menu. Every season there’s a new drink to try with who knows how many calories. It’s a very nerve-racking affair.

Faith and Tim were recently on The Bobby Bones Show to answer a few questions about their upcoming Soul2Soul tour, when the topic of Starbucks orders came up.

They admitted that neither of them has their order figured out. Faith has a strategy, though. She makes one of their daughters order for her. “I say, I’ll have whatever your having,” she said.

Tim on the other hand is just hopeless.