Tim McGraw Set To Perform Two Acoustic Shows in Havana, Cuba

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Tim McGraw is heading to Cuba. The “Neon Church” singer has announced that he will be performing two shows in Havana, Cuba as part of a four-day music festival, May 23-27.

Tim McGraw: One of those Havana Nights, as the evenings are being called, will include an exclusive performance at Teatro Bellas Artes for one show,  with another show at Teatro Mella, which is open to the public.

“Though I’ve never worked with any Cuban musicians, I’ve long been influenced by music with Latino beats and soul,” Tim said in a statement. “I’m excited to meet them all and to hear them play. Musicians, from whatever country or background, always love to meet other musicians. We share the same love of music, so it’s just a matter of time before we find sounds that we have in common – and use those commonalities to build something new together.”

Joining Tim for his two not extravaganza will be some of Cuba’s finest musicians, including Carlos Varela, Traditionales De Los 50, and Los Van Van.

In addition, the festival will include:

  • A Drive Around Havana in a Classic Convertible
  • Ocean view rooms, overlooking the Havana Harbor for everyone
  • Cigar and Rum Tastings
  • Rumba and Salsa Dance Parties
  • Historic Architectural Tours and more

“One of the best things we can do as humans is to expand our knowledge of other cultures and people,” Tim says. “The best way to do that is through travel. As an artist, I am energized by exploring a new country and through meeting the people who call it home. Cuba will give me a new palette of sounds and colors to draw from next time I go to create.”

To register for the festival and more information, check out the event’s website.