You Have to See the “Today” Hosts Dressed as Country Music Legends for Halloween (Like, For Real)


The “Today” show is known for going all out and then some on Halloween. Like, all out. Like, Halloween must takes months and months to plan each year. Never mind that the country is imploding on itself, this is morning television and the people want what the people want! And the people want “Today” on Halloween.

Rockefeller Plaza was transformed into the Grand Ole Opry as each host dressed as a country music legend for the day– Carson Daly as Billy Ray Cyrus (along with the real Billy Ray); Al Roker as Willie Nelson; Megyn Kelly as Shania Twain; Hoda Kotb as Blake Shelton (joined by the real-life Shelton); Kathie Lee Gifford as Miley Cyrus; Savannah Guthrie as Kenny Rogers, and Matt Lauer as Dolly Parton!

Reba hosted the Grand Ole Opry gang and the tricks and the treats just kept coming.

Blake joined Hoda-Blake and declared his love and devotion to her, because Hoda actually has a cutout of him in her office, she named her dog after him and now, she’s dressed like him. Blake just said, “I’m loving her more everyday.”

For a brief moment, Blake did get to discuss his new album, Texoma Shore.

As for Matt Lauer, he enlisted the real Dolly Parton to help him get ready. Dolly came prepared with a Dolly “starter kit” that was a giant pink suitcase full of wigs, bras and a boob tube. When Dolly handed over her shoes she said, “walk a mile in my shoes and you’ll never walk again.”

The real treat came when Dolly tried to teach Matt how to walk like her– “it’s a little bit of a hillbilly swag, it’s kind of a mix between a loaf and a sexy drag.”

Never have I ever.

As a person who watches “Today” with the same fervor I watch college football, this is truly a day I can say– what a time to be alive.

At first glance, Hoda looks more like Luke Bryan than Blake, but Savannah Guthrie is a super solid Kenny Rogers. Maybe even better than Jimmy Fallon’s Kenny from a couple of weeks ago?

Carson went with the younger version of Billy Ray, otherwise– spot on.

The only problem here is that Kenny and Dolly’s years quite match up. We’ve got ’70s Kenny and ’80s Dolly. You gotta know your stuff.

Kathie Lee could not quit sticking her tongue out like Miley Cyrus and I’m here for it. So is Billy Ray.

Lauren Cowling
Born and raised in the South, Lauren grew up going to football games with her family and eating overcooked steak. When not writing, Lauren enjoys reading biographies, searching for pictures of puppies on the internet and drinking Sprite.

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