Trace Adkins’ New Single is Lit (No, Literally, It’s The Name of the Song)

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Trace Adkins, the rowdy country cowboy that brought us singles like “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” and “Ladies Love Country Boys” is back with the new single “Lit.”

As rowdy as his songs have been in the past, Adkins turns the knob up to 11 on his new one.

Speaking directly to all the things that “light him up,” Adkins walks through examples like a, “little Sunday morning brimstone from a pentecostal pastor,” and, “grandpa fishin’ with dynamite.” But, he says, those things don’t get him nearly as “lit” as the girl with the “fire engine red on her lips.”

From the outset of the song, it’s easy to see that Adkins is back to the same honky tonk, rock-and-roll style that we’re used to from him. Utilizing a similar cadence to his single, “Swing,” each line of the verses are deliberate and very matter-of-fact. When we get to the chorus, Adkins switches it up and smoothly works us through the lyrics.

Adkins is set to debut the song on “Fox & Friends’ American Summer Concert Series,” after which, the song will be available to streaming services and iTunes.