Trace Adkins Releases Convicting “Jesus and Jones” Music Video

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Country sensation Trace Adkins has released the music video for his poignant song “Jesus and Jones” and it is humorous, relatable and somewhat convicting.

A song about walking the line between temptation and good intentions, the music video follows Trace and a group of friends as they compose themselves after a boisterous Saturday night and look on as friends and neighbors make their way to Sunday morning services. Eventually, the crew arrives one by one at the church to sing for salvation.

“If you just listen to the title of the song, Jesus and Jones, it means basically living somewhere between heaven and hell, I suppose,” music video director, Peter Zavadil said in a press release. “So where is someone in between heaven and hell? It’s not the night before, it’s the morning after. So it’s that point where you’re weighing, ‘did I have good times or bad times’ as you’re on your way to church in the morning.”

Bearing George Jones’ name, the song references the country legend’s hit, “White Lightning,” in the lyric, I wish I could find a gear between ‘White Lightning’ and John 3:16.”

The music video also tips its hat to Jones with footage of him and scenes of Trace’s pals rolling into the church parking lot on lawnmowers, recalling Jones traveling eight miles by lawnmower to the liquor store after his wife hid the car keys.