Do You Remember When Tracy Lawrence Was a Time Traveler?

Do You Remember When Tracy Lawrence Was a Time Traveler?

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Tracy Lawrence offered up some epic music videos in the 1990s. Otherwise known as the “To Be Continued…” series, the singer patterned with director Marc Ball for a slew of clips.

The videos didn’t always reflect the stories of the songs, but they had one common thread: Tracy was magically transported between the wildly different storylines on lightning. Yep.

Since he moved from era to era, a lot of people refer to these as the “time travel” videos. Personally, I think there’s more of a “Quantum Leap” motif as he appears concurrently with “Tracy Lawrence” and is usually doing good.

It starts with “If the Good Die Young,” which doesn’t have any real indication that it’s going to start this series. That is until you get to the second video.

In “Renegades, Rebels and Rogues,” we flashback to “If the Good Die Young” and see our first “transportation” as Tracy ends up in the old West.

Then we’re on to “I See it Now” where “Back to the Future” meets “Carrie.” Tracy arrives, changes, and then saves a young girl who’s Fish Under the Sea dance is about to be ruined. All of this happens while “Tracy Lawrence” performs as well.

So after that good deed is done, Tracy becomes a pirate. Literally. He saves the damsel in distress — who lightnings off to God knows where — before transporting himself. When you watch this one, though, please take note of the fantastic gold earring Tracy sports during the performance footage.

This pirate then lands a job as a farm hand in “Texas Tornado.” This is actually a sweet clip of the ranch hand who becomes part of the family, that is until he walks away and transports away.

The cowboy first lands in this virtual reality world for “If the World Had a Front Porch” as Tracy plays the “game.” This one gets points of extremely dated graphics.

“Is That a Tear” was the first video to pick the time travel theme back up after a three-song hiatus. This time, we’ve got Tracy as a cabbie in this “thriller.”

Next up, Tracy follows a young couple in need of help.

From there, Tracy becomes a guardian angel in “Life Don’t Have to Be So Hard.” He plays a few pranks on a dad in order to get him to spend more time with his kids. And then Tracy watches them from their roof in a slightly stalker way. And that was it. No more “time travel.”

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