Travis Tritt Goes on Epic Twitter Rant Over Beyonce’s CMA Awards Performance

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Just when the big hoopla over Beyonce attending and performing during the 50th Annual CMA Awards was kind of over Travis Tritt unleashed a string of tweets promising to learn Beyonce songs, asking when the BET Awards would invite country artists to perform and declaring he’s not racist.

Tritt is a 15-time CMA Nominee and four-time CMA Award winner including a win for Best New Artist of the Year in 1991 and Album of the year in 1994. He was also nominated for Entertainer of the Year in 1992.

Tritt was playing a show in Kentucky the night of the awards, but apologized to fans for not playing any of Beyonce’s songs.

Then, he asked when he could perform during the BET Awards.

He then promised to learn “All The Single Ladies” for his fans.

Tritt really didn’t like Beyonce being there and thinks country music and its artists can stand on their own.

Then, he let everyone know he’s not a racist.