Tour the Grand Ole Opry With Trisha Yearwood and Friends

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No airfare needed.

This past weekend, Trisha Yearwood took fans on one of the coolest Facebook Lives ever.

The songstress turned her weekly web show, “T’s Coffee Talk,” into an in-depth backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry. Joined by her sister Beth Bernard and friend Mandy McCormack, Trisha walked the hallowed halls, sharing personal memories and using her tour guide skills, which she honed during her first job in Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

She also answered fan questions as they walked, like what her favorite Opry moment has been.

“The night I was inducted as a member was pretty special,” she said. “It was 1999. Beth was here, my whole family was here. I got to sing, of course, and Porter Waggoner inducted me. The Patsy Cline family was there and they gave me a necklace that Patsy Cline had worn.”

Trisha does “T’s Coffee Talk” live on Facebook every Saturday at 10:10am EST.