Tyler and Hayley Hubbard Wore Matching Pajamas With Their Dog Harley and He Can’t Wait to Baby Sister to Arrive

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Tyler and Hayley Hubbard’s dog Harley is definitely a good boy. Not only does Harley go out on the road with Florida Georgia Line on tour buses and private planes, he also started taking the stage during “Sun Daze.” When he’s not on stage he’s usually lounging somewhere with Hayley wearing his protective headphones.

Despite how well-behaved and cute Harley is, we finally find his achilles heel– wearing matching Christmas pajamas with mom and dad.

As Tyler and Hayley enjoyed a night in with friends, the parents-to-be decided to wear matching pajamas. Hayley seemed to enjoy it. Harley was a little middle school embarrassed by the outfit and his parents.

Luckily for Harley, little baby girl Hubbard will be here soon and she can wear matching outfits with mom and dad.